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Hinweis: Support für BlueSpice 2.x endet am 30. April 2020.

3.1.4[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

BlueSpice 3.1.4 is a patch release. This is a stable release.

Changelog[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

  • Some configuration variables in ConfigManager do not have descriptions (#9662)
Increased the number of tooltips in ConfigManager.
  • Inconsistent image size properties for images of type "frame" (#16765)
Users were able to enter dimensions for image type "frame" in VisualEditor, but changing the size is not allowed for this image type. Size fields are now disabled for image type "frame".
  • Internal Server Error when saving the page due to EditNotify extension (#18114)
If a user was subscribed to receive notifications for individual namespaces/categories and deactivated the setting, saving the page that sends out a notifcation reported an error. This is now fixed.
  • Blog items are not displayed properly in search results (#18129)
Blog items and other social entities appeared as "(Blog)(Blog)" in autocomplete and as completely empty boxes in the SearchCenter. Blog entities are now displayed correctly.
  • Notification overview button is visible for non-logged-in users in mobile view (#18163)
The button for the notification overview was visible for users who were not logged in. This button is now visible only for logged-in users.
  • Changing the table style in VisualEditor is not always applied (#18176)
Setting the table style from the table properties dialog sometimes had no effect. Also, after changing the table style, the original value was still selected, even after it was changed. This is now fixed.
  • Button for notification overview is visible in mobile view even if Echo extension is not installed (#18214)
Now the button is only visible if the extension Echo is available on the wiki.
  • When exporting a book to PDF, all links in the book appear as external (#18224)
When exporting a book to PDF, every link to another wiki page was treated as extenal link and opened the target page in the browser. Links to pages that are contained in the PDF itself now jump to the page in the PDF instead of opening it externally.
  • Checklist is not saved when options are set (#18252)
Checklist of type list was not saved when there were additional options like color styles. Now cecklists get saved even with colors. The page gets saved as a new version which needs approval when working with FlaggedRevs.
  • Special characters in a book name are encoded incorrectly in PDF export (#18255)
When exporting a book to PDF, the file name did not show special characters. All special characters are now exported correctly.
  • Section identifiers are not persisted to the URL (#18266)
When clicking a link in the ToC, the page scrolled to the corresponding section, but the section ID was not reflected in the hash of the URL. This is now fixed.
  • Loading masks are not shown for some grids (#18345)
Pages like Special:UserManager, Special:NamespaceManager and simlira were not showing a loading mask before they were fully rendered. This is now fixed.
  • Watchlist appears empty in some cases (#18420)
When attempting to view your watchlist in the Watchlist dialog (not on the Special page), the list sometimes appeared empty. This is now fixed.
  • VisualEditor not completely visible in some resolutions in mobile view (#18476)
In certain resolutions and screen sizes, the toolbar of VisualEditor appeared partially or completely hidden behind the page header. This is now fixed.
  • Icon for editing/creating pages in topbar is enabled even if user does not have permissions. (#18537)
The button for editing and creating pages was clickable for users without permissions to perform the action. Users could not perform the action, however. Now the button is enabled only if a user has the necessary rights.
  • In VisualEditor, nothing happens after clicking on "Magic words" in "Insert" menu (#18562)
Fixed missing extjs dependency.

3.1.3[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

BlueSpice 3.1.3 is a patch release. This is a stable release.

Changelog[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

  • Error when trying to save redirect pages in VisualEditor (#12766)
When editing a page that only has the #REDIRECT tag in its content, a client-side error occurred which prevented saving. The error is now fixed.
  • NamespaceManager does not allow adding multiple namespaces without reloading the page (#13736)
After adding a new namespace in the NamespaceManager, the dialog remained "disabled" and reloading the page was necessary to continue. The state is now reset properly after an "add"-action.
  • Editing talk namespaces in Namespace manager destroys the following namespace (#13862)
Talk namespaces were not recognized as such, resulting in NS_talk_talk names. Pages within the namespaces could no longer be accessed. This is now fixed. We also disabled FlaggedRevs and ReadConfirmation for talk namespaces.
  • Meaningless options for sorting offered in SearchCenter options (#14411)
Search sorting options had entries for entitydata that did not have any functionality. They have been removed.
  • Timeout too short for certain API calls in WikiExplorer (#14917)
In wikis with many articles or complex data structures, the call for data in WikiExplorer took too long, resulting in a timeout. We raised the limit to 30 minutes, effectively disabling the timeout here. Data should now be presented even in very large wikis.
  • All chapters of a book are shown on the same level in PDF table of contents (#15412)
In an exported PDF, the table of contents showed all entries on the same level, even if there were hierarchies. The hierarchy now shows up correctly in the PDF navigation.
  • Rating cannot be enabled in namespaces (#15947)
When migrating from BlueSpice 2, rating settings were not converted to BlueSpice 3 so tht NamespaceManager was not able to change the settings. There is now a maintenance script, which is also executed on update, to fix this issue.
  • Create new page from full text search with a namespace filter set ignores the namespace (#16258)
When a page was created from a search with a namespace filter, the page was created in the main namespace. Now, the page is created in the namespace the filter is set for.
  • TagCloud cannot be used with InsertMagic in VisualEditor (#16861)
A TagCloud could not be inserted or edited in VisualEditor due to a missing placeholder message. Now, a missing message does not break the inspector anymore.
  • Page assignments manager shows no entries (#16911)
In PageAssignments manager, no entries were shown due to a missing title information. This error is now caught and gracefully handled.
  • SocialEntity entries show up in standard logs and managers (#17073)
Since SocialEntity pages are used to store data, they showed up in several logs and managers. However, this is not neccessary, as they are only storing data for the timeline feature. We now hide these pages in standard views.
  • Content in tables gets different font sizes (#17132)
Font sizes in tables varied between standard cell and paragraph in cell constructs. The standard cell font size was aligned with the paragraph font size.
  • BlueSpiceAvatars ignores upload directory setting (#17151)
All avatars were stored in a subfolder of images, no matter what $wgUploadDirectory was set to. Now, avatars are stored in the correct place.
  • Duplicate page function is only available in main and talk namespace (#17349)
The option to duplicate a page was not available in many namespaces where it would make sense. It is now available in all content pages.
  • Unexpected update of links in duplicated books (#17390)
When a book was duplicated into a different namespace, all links were converted to the new namespace, which produced redlinks. Now, only links to pages contained in the new book are converted.
  • In Bookshelf, the OK button in the meta data dialog is always disabled (#17560)
Inthe " insert bookmeta" dialog, the OK button was disabled and new or modified bookmeta could not be saved. This is now fixed.
  • Cannot read protect main namespace (#17644)
Even though PermissionManager showed that the main namespace is locked down, everybody with the global read permission could still read it. This is now fixed.
  • PDF-Export does not handle stylings from Extension:TemplateStyles (#17697)
<style> elements added by Extension:TemplateStyles were not evaluated when exporting a page to PDF. This is now fixed.
  • PDF export fails when "external" Interwiki link exists on page (#17720)
If a page contained an Interwiki link that pointed to an external wiki, the PDF export failed. Now, this is handled correctly.
  • Add CLI script for management (#17737)
We added a script that allows setting page assignments from the command line interface.
  • Cannot specify per-page PDF export templates using bs:ueparams tag (#17738)
Setting a template in the universalexport:params tag had no effect. This is now fixed.
  • Watchlist dialog shows enties from other users (#17741)
The watchlist dialog also showed watchlist items of other users. This is now fixed.
  • Cookie consent cookie are deleted after some time (#17748)
Cookies are no longer used as a primary storage for a user's cookie consent settings. The browser's local storage is used instead.
  • Label for the notification preferences are not clear (#17753)
Labels for notification preferences were rewritten to make them more clear and unified across different languages
  • Name of the talk namespace is not updated when namespace name changes (#17813)
When the name of a namespace is changed, the name of its talk namespace is now updated as well.
  • Allowing browsing for file from "insert file link" dialog in VisualEditor is confusing (#17849)
The "Pick file" button "Link to file" tab in the link menu was confusing to users, since it openend the "Insert media" dialog of VisualEditor. The "Pick file" button has been removed.
  • VisualEditor sometimes stuck while loading (#17869)
In some cases, a required script was loaded too late, so that VisualEditor could not resolve its dependencies. The correct order of loading was restored.
  • Lists are not formatted correctly (#17874)
The numbers of ordered lists and the bullet points of unordered lists were not shown outside the text. Now all lists have a hanging indent.
  • Exception when exporting Talk pages to PDF (#17914)
Talk pages can now be exported correctly.
  • JavaScript errors while using ConfigManager (#17936)
Several different types of JS errors occured while using the ConfigManager. These are now fixed.
  • No filters in extended file list (#18042)
Filters were missing in the ExtendedFilelist special page so that it was impossible to narrow down the list of files. We restored the filters.
  • Page cannot be saved after editing (#18088)
Client-side error occurs when saving is attempted on a page containing a table with no specified width. This effectively leads to a failure to save. The error was fixed now.
  • Table styles cannot be applied (#18104)
Changing table styles in VisualEditor's table properties dialog did not have any effect for some combinations of styles and other features. This is now fixed.
  • Additional table functionality in VisualEditor (#18105)
Additional features: custom table width (%), cell borders (style, width, color), and text alignment within a cell.
  • Articles in first draft are visible to anonymous users (#18109)
Non-approved pages (in first draft) were visible to anonymous users and users who are otherwise not allowed to view non-approved pages. This is now fixed.
  • Double encoded UTF-8 characters in PDF export (#18130)
If a page contains special UTF-8 characters, like "ä", these will be double encoded in the PDF export
  • Fix common typos in code (T201491 )

3.1.2[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

BlueSpice 3.1.2 is a patch release. This is a stable release.

Changelog[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

  • Help links in VisualEditor are confusing (#13163) Help links in VisualEditor pointed to the general MediaWiki help and feedback channels. They now point to BlueSpice help and support.
  • VisualEditor autosave dialog shows up even when there are no unsaved changes (#13364)
When editing a page directly in the same tab after new page creation, the autosave prompt appeared although there were no unsaved changes. This is now fixed.
  • Book manager: mass add via categories cuts off after 25 articles (#14299)
Mass adding articles to a book with categories had a limit of 25 pages. This limit is now lifted.
  • New page creation in IE behaves strange (#15495)
When creating a new page in IE, the "New page" field was emptied when the user stopped typing. This is fixed.
  • Embed file button in VisualEditor points to detail page instead (#16711)
The embed file option in the Insert Media dialog lead to a file detail page instead of embedding the file. This is now fixed.
  • VisualEditor: Media: links are transformed to point to a special page (#16886)
In VisualEditor, links to Media: namespace were changed to point to Special:FilePath. They were not recognized properly afterwards. This transformation is no longer done.
  • Broken link to Reminder management in Reminder flyout (#16934)
In the reminder flyout, the link to reminder management lead to a blank page. The link has been fixed.
  • Changing text color via VisualEditor inspector fails in wiki text mode (#17035)
Text color changes via inspector in wiki text mode are not possible. The inspector was disabled accordingly to avoid unexpected behavior.
  • VisualEditor breaks Media links with umlauts (#17085)
Media links containing umlauts blocked the page from being editable with VisualEditor. Umlauts can now be used properly.
  • Misalignment of lists containing blank lines (#17126)
Unordered lists containing blank lines were rendered without line breaks. This is now fixed.
  • Database error after login (#17136)
In rare cases, after a user logged in, a database error was displayed which disappeared after reload. This is now fixed.
  • Remote authentication is not working without autocreateaccount permission (#17186)
This permission is removed from all roles and automatically granted in remote authentication scenarios
  • RSS-Feeder produces fatal error in "Follow own" option (#17200)
The "Follow own" function of RSS Feeder failed with an exception. The functionality is now restored.
  • Talk pages can be created for non existing subject pages, but lead to fatal errors (#17209)
If a page did not exist, a talk-page tag could still be added, which lead to several errors and inconsistencies. This is now prevented.
  • Auto-generated avatar not working when using `img_auth.php` (#17221)
In certain authenticated environments, the auto-generated avatars were not loading. This is fixed.
  • CustomMenu registry not working properly (#17222)
CustomMenu registry was hard overwritten, which broke the posibility to register additional menus. The registration is now restored.
  • BlueSpiceSmartlist: toplist tag broken (#17233)
Toplist is dependent on WhoIsOnline. If that extension was disabled, the tag produced a fatal error. It now checks the dependency.
  • Expiry form elements ignore permissions (#17439)
Expiry form fields and action buttons are displayed to users even when the modifications cannot be saved to the server. Now, the UI reflects permissions properly.
  • Refine boost of recently modified pages (#17472)
Boost only pages modified in the past month to improve accuracy. Add configuration variable to tweak boost severity.
  • Migrate social discussions to standard talk page (#17473)
Add a script that migrates BlueSpice Social discussions back to regular talk pages to prevent a vendor lock in
  • Table header in pdf is not replicated on every page (#17474)
When a table spanned across several pages in PDF, the table header was not replicated on every page. This is now fixed.
  • Issues with display of old blog articles in Safari (#17475)
When calling the blog in Safari, only the newest entries were shown and infinite scrolling did not work. This is now fixed.
  • Flaky PHPUnit failures on PHP 7.1 for BlueSpiceNamespaceManager (T218525 )
  • Avatar with img_auth.php (SF495 )

BlueSpice 3.1.1[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

BlueSpice 3.1.1 is a patch release. This is a stable release.

Changelog[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

  • FlaggedRevsConnector: align colors for highlighting draft in version history (#5683)
FlaggedRevs used various colors to highlight draft revisions in the version history. This is now aligned to the BlueSpice color scheme.
  • Fix links to documentation (#13552)
Some extensions in "Special:Version" pointed to outdated documentation. The links are now fixed.
  • Privacy: Change avatar after anonymisation (#14216)
Avatar was not recreated after anonymisation and two parameters ($4 and $5) were not resolved in the anonymisation log. This is now working.
  • SocialEntities show up in watched pages (#14681)
In the watched pages list and in SmartList, SocialEntity entries were listed. Now they are excluded, since all items must contain wikitext.
  • Indexing huge PDFs fails (#15725)
In some cases, long documents were not indexed at all due to length limits. There is now a fallback: in this case, only the filename is indexed.
  • Ping request should start immediately on page-load (#16467)
Long ping intervals caused delays and a "Someone is editing the page" message. Now the ping starts directly after page load which allows for more granularity of ping intervals and reduced load on the server.
  • Namespace select box in Special:CategoryTree is overlapped by header (#16534)
On the page "Special:CategoryTree", some namespaces could not be selected. Now, the selection box correctly overlaps the header.
  • Privacy policy links should link to project namespace (#16594)
Links from Privacy Center to privacy policy pages pointed to a non-standard page. Now, the default link points to the standard privacy policy page of the wiki.
  • VisualEditor table inspector UI is broken in BlueSpice free (#16612)
The table inspector only showed icons, but no text and the icons were misaligned. The proper UI is now restored.
  • AND OR operators must work in search term (#16613)
The keywords AND and OR were not evaluated in SearchCenter. This is now possible.
  • Wrong link for "Add attachment" (#16629)
The link to the attachment page of an article was broken. It now works again.
  • Table formatting is lost on change between edit modes (#16639)
Table color formatting was lost when switching between Visual and WikiText mode. Now, the color formatting is preserved.
  • HideTitle should also hide FlaggedRevs information (#16738)
When using HideTitle on a page, the page revision status notification was still visible. Now, the entire title section gets disabled.
  • Use SSL link to in code documentation (#16789)
Many URLs in the code documentation of the source code pointed to "http:" instead of "https:", but user interface links were already set to "https:". Now, a secure connection is suggested everywhere.
  • Subitems in header menu are displayed all the time (#16808)
The second-level items of the header menu were expanded and could not be collapsed under certain circumstances. They are now collapsed and always collapsible.
  • ExtendedStatistics special pages ignores permission statistic-viewspecialpage (#16951)
Statistics could be viewed by anyone with read rights. Now, the page requires a special right, which per default is assigned to the admin role.
  • Add attachments button out of line (#16993)
In some cases, the "Add attachment" button was vertically misaligned. This is now fixed.
  • Remove dependency to PHP Tidy extension (#16997)
The PHP extension 'tidy' is no longer maintained or bundled in some distributions (e.g., SLES). The dependency on that extension was removed and replaced by an onboard MediaWiki solution.
  • Smartlist fatal error in mode whatlinkshere when no target given (#17008)
The smartlist tag was throwing an error when the attribute "target" was not set. Now, the attribute can be omitted safely.
  • Privacy: fix gender in anonymisation log (#17015)
The log message of an anonymized user was always male gendered. The log message is now gender neutral.
  • Attachments can not be searched when there are external locations (#17031)
Search indexing stopped overall when an external location could not be reached. Now, it just ignores that particular location.
  • Update repo file on WebDAV update (#17069)
Repo files are now re-indexed when they are updated via WebDAV
  • Add article button is displayed in mobile view when left sidebar is open (#17077)
The button had a wrong z-index, placing it above the menu. The z-index was fixed and now the button works correctly.
  • BlueSpiceAvatars needs 'editToken' replaced with 'csrfToken' (T233546 )
  • BlueSpiceExtendedStatistics needs 'editToken' replaced with 'csrfToken' (T233547 )
  • BlueSpiceFoundation needs 'editToken' replaced with 'csrfToken' (T233548 )
  • Checkup code passing $this by reference with a temporary variable (T234118 )