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Release Notes 3.1.1

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BlueSpice 3.1.1[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

BlueSpice 3.1.1 is a patch release. This is a stable release.

Changelog[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

  • FlaggedRevsConnector: align colors for highlighting draft in version history (#5683)
FlaggedRevs used various colors to highlight draft revisions in the version history. This is now aligned to the BlueSpice color scheme.
  • Fix links to documentation (#13552)
Some extensions in "Special:Version" pointed to outdated documentation. The links are now fixed.
  • Privacy: Change avatar after anonymisation (#14216)
Avatar was not recreated after anonymisation and two parameters ($4 and $5) were not resolved in the anonymisation log. This is now working.
  • SocialEntities show up in watched pages (#14681)
In the watched pages list and in SmartList, SocialEntity entries were listed. Now they are excluded, since all items must contain wikitext.
  • Indexing huge PDFs fails (#15725)
In some cases, long documents were not indexed at all due to length limits. There is now a fallback: in this case, only the filename is indexed.
  • Ping request should start immediately on page-load (#16467)
Long ping intervals caused delays and a "Someone is editing the page" message. Now the ping starts directly after page load which allows for more granularity of ping intervals and reduced load on the server.
  • Namespace select box in Special:CategoryTree is overlapped by header (#16534)
On the page "Special:CategoryTree", some namespaces could not be selected. Now, the selection box correctly overlaps the header.
  • Privacy policy links should link to project namespace (#16594)
Links from Privacy Center to privacy policy pages pointed to a non-standard page. Now, the default link points to the standard privacy policy page of the wiki.
  • VisualEditor table inspector UI is broken in BlueSpice free (#16612)
The table inspector only showed icons, but no text and the icons were misaligned. The proper UI is now restored.
  • AND OR operators must work in search term (#16613)
The keywords AND and OR were not evaluated in SearchCenter. This is now possible.
  • Wrong link for "Add attachment" (#16629)
The link to the attachment page of an article was broken. It now works again.
  • Table formatting is lost on change between edit modes (#16639)
Table color formatting was lost when switching between Visual and WikiText mode. Now, the color formatting is preserved.
  • HideTitle should also hide FlaggedRevs information (#16738)
When using HideTitle on a page, the page revision status notification was still visible. Now, the entire title section gets disabled.
  • Use SSL link to in code documentation (#16789)
Many URLs in the code documentation of the source code pointed to "http:" instead of "https:", but user interface links were already set to "https:". Now, a secure connection is suggested everywhere.
  • Subitems in header menu are displayed all the time (#16808)
The second-level items of the header menu were expanded and could not be collapsed under certain circumstances. They are now collapsed and always collapsible.
  • ExtendedStatistics special pages ignores permission statistic-viewspecialpage (#16951)
Statistics could be viewed by anyone with read rights. Now, the page requires a special right, which per default is assigned to the admin role.
  • Add attachments button out of line (#16993)
In some cases, the "Add attachment" button was vertically misaligned. This is now fixed.
  • Remove dependency to PHP Tidy extension (#16997)
The PHP extension 'tidy' is no longer maintained or bundled in some distributions (e.g., SLES). The dependency on that extension was removed and replaced by an onboard MediaWiki solution.
  • Smartlist fatal error in mode whatlinkshere when no target given (#17008)
The smartlist tag was throwing an error when the attribute "target" was not set. Now, the attribute can be omitted safely.
  • Privacy: fix gender in anonymisation log (#17015)
The log message of an anonymized user was always male gendered. The log message is now gender neutral.
  • Attachments can not be searched when there are external locations (#17031)
Search indexing stopped overall when an external location could not be reached. Now, it just ignores that particular location.
  • Update repo file on WebDAV update (#17069)
Repo files are now re-indexed when they are updated via WebDAV
  • Add article button is displayed in mobile view when left sidebar is open (#17077)
The button had a wrong z-index, placing it above the menu. The z-index was fixed and now the button works correctly.
  • BlueSpiceAvatars needs 'editToken' replaced with 'csrfToken' (T233546 )
  • BlueSpiceExtendedStatistics needs 'editToken' replaced with 'csrfToken' (T233547 )
  • BlueSpiceFoundation needs 'editToken' replaced with 'csrfToken' (T233548 )
  • Checkup code passing $this by reference with a temporary variable (T234118 )