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BlueSpice 2.27.0

BlueSpice 2.27.0 is a minor and maintenance version. Consult the Release Notes for the full list of changes. The 2.27.0 beta release was published on Wednesday, November 9th 2016. Download the release from Sourceforge.


Wichtige Änderungen

Neue Funktionalitäten und Erweiterungen

  • PageAssignments: Assign individual users or whole groups to pages, e.g. as responsible editors.
    Note: this extension supersedes ResponsibleEditors.
  • Showtime: an integrated HTML video player for your wiki.

Neue Features

  • Farming: add metadata like descriptions and tags, disable old wikis, organize wikis in groups. We also added a central search across all farmed wikis.
  • Namespace-specific notifications: notifications are now much more configurable. Get notified about changes in the wiki on a namespace basis.
  • Disable users: Instead of user deletion, you can now disable the users while keeping their full record.
  • ReadConfirmation: Ask for confirmation that an article was read by certain users
  • Bookmaker: Use the More menu to add pages directly to an existing book
  • Support your admin: certain user groups can now assign users to groups without having to be sysops. It is also possible to allow users access to a selection of administrative tools without having to be sysops.
  • Track usage statistics: know how often a certain feature is used in your wiki.
  • Improvements of the user experience: confirmation dialogues are more unobtrusive now.
  • FlexiSkin: Manage uploaded images.
  • Testsystem mode: you can now visually indicate when a wiki is a testing system.
  • Late spring-cleaning: removed/deprecated WantedArticles, FeedbackHelper, WikiCategoryTagCloud, GuidedEditing, and WidgetBar.

Neu gepackte Erweiterungen

  • HitCounter: Restores the hit count functionality missing in MW core since MW 1.25
  • EditNotify: Basis for page action notifications


  • Finally: Now fully MW 1.27 compatible!

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